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                        HUGENAU's mission is to cultivate talent now and in the future,to help establish sustainable competitiveness and development HUGENAU culture.

                        We welcome people with lofty ideals in refrigeration technology, HVAC, temperature control and other aspects to join Hugenau. We understand that the key to business success is to have a high-quality personnel, so we cherish our employees and expect them to grow up with Hugenau together

                        We hope:
                        you have good character qualities and a healthy attitude!        Your sincere and passionate about the work!
                        You have an open mind and good communication skills!       We expect you to join!

                        Sales Engineer     Apply for a job

                        Job description:

                        (1)is responsible for the heat exchanger products market development and product sales;
                        (2) the development of the mining industry and other end-users, dealers, and Design Institute, the establishment of an effective network of sales channels;
                        (3) to provide technical support and after-sales service;
                        (4) build long-term customer relationships, developing customer needs.

                        Job requirements:

                        (1)Related undergraduate a thermal engineering, mechanical or power, etc. and above;
                        (2)The above 2 years of relevant work experience;
                        (3)Good written and oral communication skills;
                        (4)proficiency in computer operation, willing to travel and accept challenging work. 

                        Work address:Chengdu, Sichuan