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                        Gasket range(more brands are available on request)

                        ALFA LAVAL SONDEX
                        Models Assembling Type Models Assembling Type
                        M3 Clip Lock S4 "Clip" Gasket
                        M6 Clip Lock S5 Button Type
                        M6M Clip Lock S7 "Clip" Gasket
                        M10B Clip Lock S8 "Clip" Gasket
                        M10M Clip Lock S14 "Clip" Gasket
                        M15B Clip Lock S14 "Sonder Lock" Gasket
                        M15M Clip Lock S21 "Clip" Gasket
                        M20M Clip Lock S21 "Sonder Lock" Gasket
                        A20 Clip Lock S22 "Sonder Lock" Gasket
                        AK20 Clip Lock S22 "Sonder Lock" Gasket
                        AM20 Clip Lock S37 "Sonder Lock" Gasket
                        P26 Clip Lock S43 "Sonder Lock" Gasket
                        P36 Clip Lock S47 "Sonder Lock" Gasket
                        MX25B Clip Lock S62 "Sonder Lock" Gasket
                        NG-NF-02 Clip Lock    
                        A10B-A Button Lock    


                        Gasket material range