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                         > Core Products > Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


                        Hugenau brazed plate heat exchanger is mainly divided into two series:unilateral flow and diagonal flow.


                        1UNILATERAL FLOW SERIES

                        Unilateral flow series brazed plate heat exchanger covers cooling capacity covering 1-450KW, can be used as evaporator and condenser, can also be used as subcooler and supheater use, especially for small home central air conditioning.

                        Meanwhile unilateral flow series can also be used for general heat exchange areas, such as the oil - water heat exchange, oil - oil heat exchange ,steam - water heat exchange with a very compact structure and high heat transfer performance.

                        2DIAGONAL FLOW SERIES

                        Diagonal flow series is optimally designed for air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment as copper brazed plate evaporator and condenser. Widely used in air conditioning systems, dual compressor system of refrigeration systems, its capacity in 25-460KW.

                        Water and refrigerant lines at both sides of the heat exchanger, to facilitate the installation of pipes and connections. two diagonal flow design of refrigerant side ensures that even if only one in the cooling system, can still provide a high efficiency cross-flow, the most effective use of heat transfer surfaces, ensure the thermal load is balanced between the loops.
                        More important is the ability to accurately control the temperature of the cold water outlet, the cooled fluid will not mix up the uncooled fluid, thereby avoiding risk of the potential freezing due to the the incorrect temperature set .