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                        Save per kilowatt-hour of electricity

                        Hugenau PHE is widely applied to replace traditional shell-tube heat exchanger with its high heat transfer efficiency and small installation space .either power generation plant using gas / steam turbines, diesel generators or nuclear power, Hagenau products can play an important role with ease. Hugenau company has extensive experience in the application of the open, closed cycle cooling system, transmission oil cooling, turbine oil cooling,,oil cooling, piston、turbine and engine coolant cooling, diesel power station heat recovery, exhaust heat recovery.cooperating with Hugenau with such an understanding of product application will make everything easier.

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                        In order to be applied to different fluid, temperature, pressure and different application environment, HAGENAU heat exchanger shall provide diversified plates with different plate combination methods and plates of different material qualities so as to provide an extensive selective scope for clients.